Six Essentials to Pack on Your Cruise this Spring

Tis the season to let the long light of the day warm your skin. Your only dilemma should what to pack, but don’t worry, we can help. 

#1 Layers

Even in tropical destinations you’re likely to get some showers. A hooded lightweight jacket might be the key to not using the hair dryer again.

#2 Protection. Ahem, For Your Skin. 

Sunscreen, chapstick, aloe vera, or a big floppy hat. Enjoy your time outside, but be kind to your skin. Cruise ships sell these things, but the price is usually a bit inflated.

#3 Day-to-Night Pieces

Outside, shorts and a t-shirt are fine, but in the ballroom you’re expected to dress up a bit. A maxi dress can be transformed easily from casual to chic. Get some tips here.

#4 Entertainment

Don’t waste even one second in front of that TV in your room. Take your iPod, a good book or suduko, and head poolside. Remember, this is your vacation!

#5 Wine

Most cruises allow one to three bottles of wine per room. There is a corking fee, but at least you’ve got your brand. Cheers!

#6 Your Sense of Adventure

Cruises can be perfect for relaxing, or for trying something you’ve never done before. Don’t be afraid to try the climbing wall, wave pools, or an interesting shore excursion. Enjoy yourself; that’s what vacation is about. 

Bon Voyage!

January 15, 2014 by Sydnee Erlanger
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