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Always focused on clean beauty, dome sources its ingredients through vetted raw materials providers to guarantee all our ingredients are free of cross-contamination with harmful blacklisted ingredients! 

dome products are free of:
- Sulfates
- Parabens
- Phthalates
- Nanoparticle
(please refer to our "dirty list" for all banned ingredients)

Animal lovers to our core, we are always Cruelty-Free. We are also EU REACH Compliant, the European Union regulatory authority providing a higher standard of regulation and restriction on harmful ingredients than the FDA. 

Now let's perfect your application, not only are dome brushes custom designed to fit the contours of your face and made of 100% synthetic fibers, our brushes are also charcoal infused to provide antimicrobial properties to combat bacterial buildup to keep every application clean and flawless. 

What more can you ask for in clean beauty!